Natural Hot Spring・Sauna are available for 24 hours.
Please have Sound Sleep with BEDDING of TEMPUR Co., Ltd..

Located in the best place for 5 minutes’ walk from each SANNOMIYA STATION, Natural Hot Springs and Saunas are available for 24 hours. In the Capsule Room, as TEMPUR Co., Ltd.’s “PILLOW and MATTRESS” are prepared, the visitor can enjoy comfortable lodging.

As all facilities are fully equipped, the visitor can enjoy comfortable time with various kinds of Relaxation Menus, and so on.


Sound Sleep with TEMPUR Co., Ltd.’s BEDDING.

In the Capsule Room the visitor can enjoy sound sleep with TEMPUR Co., Ltd.’s PILLOW and FEATHER FUTON. Please enjoy comfortable feeling of satisfaction in sleep rated as No.1 in U.S..

Free-Service of morning BREAKFAST BUFFET(8F Restaurant at「LUONT」)

Free-Service of morning Breakfast Buffet. We prepare many kinds of dishes both in Japanese and Western Styles. Please choose your favorite Foods. A.M. 6:00~A.M. 10:00 (Order Stop A.M. 9:30)

COFFEE・TEA are “All-You-Can-Drink” during the stay.(8F Restaurant at「LUONT」)

For the visitor of Capsule Hotel, COFFEE・TEA are “All-You-Can-Drink”. Please contact with the Floor Staff.
(Until A.M. 11:45)

All room is equipped with an OUTLET.

As all room is equipped with an OUTLET, the charge of a SMARTPHONE and NOTE PC in the Capsule Room is possible.

GOING-OUT is OK at anytime & Check-Out is Noon 12:00.

  • CHECK-IN P.M. 12:00
  • CHECK-OUT P.M. 12:00

※ For use of Capsule Room is from 15:00 and for Bathhouse・Rest Room are from 12:00.

AMENITIES are fully supplied.

Please come to us “Empty-Handed”. All good needed for a lodging are prepared.

You can send the big baggage beforehand.

Very convenient way for the visitor who has many business trips. As movement of the big baggage is very hard, we can send it to your next business destination beforehand by Home-Delivery-Service from KOBE.